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Weekly Challenge for 1-13-14

Shouldn’t Monday the 13th be scarier than Friday the 13th? But it *is* Monday, and that means it’s time for the Weekly Challenge!

Making Shapes

Dancing is many things, and one of those things is making pleasing shapes with the body. We’re going to make that our challenge for this week!

Beginner: What shapes can you make? Has your teacher started you on chest circles? Hip circles? What about boxes? What other shapes can you make with the movements you know now? Maybe suggest to your teacher this week that you work on making interesting shapes with body movements. Figure 8s, circles, boxes…hearts? Stars? Have fun and play around! Practice making different shapes every day this week, and see what you can come up with.

Intermediate: A shape doesn’t necessarily have to mean a closed object, like a box or a circle.  It can be a line, or a series of lines, too. This week, find a mirror and make shapes with your body, using every part of your body. Legs, arms, head, chest, hips…what shapes can you make with them? This is your silhouette, and something you should start paying attention to in your dance.  Dancing, especially belly dancing, is difficult to capture on camera well.  Having a good silhouette and pauses in your dance will make this easier.  Pay attention to the little things, like your wrists and feet. If you are making a long, beautiful line from your toes to your fingers, it doesn’t do to have your wrist flopping in the breeze! So “vogue” in the mirror every day this week and see what lovely lines and shapes you can make with your whole body!

Advanced: Making shapes on the stage is another way to make your performances more interesting.  Many of us make circles on stage–they are easy, and seem to be crowd-pleasers.  But what about other shapes? Vs, loops, figure 8s…all of these shapes may make your traveling steps more interesting.  It’s boring to watch a dancer stand in one place on the stage for too long.  Move around, but don’t just do a circle! This week, work on traveling steps that could get you around in different shapes.  Turns in a figure 8? Chonks in a V? If you do group improvisation, maybe try different types of formation changes or configurations rather than just clocking or fading lines and staggers. Does it work? Get creative and try out new shapes!

Happy dancing!

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