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Going to Chicago!

Big news (big, big news!…sorry inside joke)!

I’m moving to Chicago! Yep, that’s right, I’m leaving the desert to go North, back to the cold. And yes, I am aware it’s cold up there, in case anyone else is likely to inform me. In fact, right now, as I compose this, I am sitting in the airport, waiting to fly up to Chicago in order to look for apartments.

So, things will be weird for a little bit. The weekly challenges aren’t likely to happen this month (considering that I’ve already missed one of them!) but I might surprise you. I’m going to have lots of time in airports this month, so maybe I’ll come up with a few things.

If you are interested in taking classes with me and live in the Chicago area, keep an eye on my website for more news about when those will start. It won’t be right away (especially with the holidays coming up), but I’m aiming for as soon as possible. Got any New Year’s resolutions? Consider fulfilling your dance/exercise/get in shape resolutions with me!

This is a huge change for me! And I have other Secret Projects in the works, too, including a new workshop, so you’ll want to keep up with the news here and on my website.