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Weekly Challenge for 10-21-13

Time for another weekly challenge!

Leg Strength

We’ve been working on arms over the past few challenges or so, so let’s change it up a bit!

Dancers need strong legs. Why? Well, there are almost so many reasons I almost could think of what to write! We use them to, well, DANCE. They carry us around the stage, they support us while we do hip movements, we use them for level changes… And for each of these, we need good strong legs.

So this week, we’re going to work on all-important leg strength!

Beginner: Hopefully your teacher has stressed the importance of posture. In belly dance, we need a deeper posture than other dance forms. If we have no give in the knees, our hips have nowhere to go! This week, work with your teacher on deepening your posture. Watch her and see how much she bends her knees (this will, of course, vary slightly depending on her/his style). Ask your teacher if there are any leg strengthening exercises she can show you, or go to a trainer instead. Let’s all strengthen up our legs!

Intermediate: One of the more challenging bits in belly dance is keeping the knees bent and legs strong during an entire performance. This week, work on endurance! Find a wall (or the back of another dancer!) and sit against it. Put your back to the wall, bend the knees, and stay there (it’s like sitting in a chair, and make sure your knees don’t go past your toes). This will be tough, but it will help to increase your endurance, allowing you to last through an entire show (if you perform in your student troupe). See how much you improve over the week, and make sure to do this every day. If you or your teacher knows of any other endurance techniques, try those too (and share!)

Advanced: This week, pay special attention to your leg strength. Do your knees creak a little when you do a level change? While this usually can’t be avoided due to age, you can lessen the stress on your joints by strengthening the legs, namely, the quads. How long can you dance in releve? If the answer is not very long, then work on strengthening your calves. Find a trainer or use your own knowledge to build up the leg strength in order to improve posture, make level changes easier, stay on releve, and carry yourself through an entire set.

Happy dancing!