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A little late…

This week the challenge is a little late…sorry about that!  Mondays have gotten weirder for me (maybe I should consider writing these on Sundays!)

Anyway, here’s the challenge for this week!

The taxim!

And…here’s where confusion begins.  To a Egyptian-style dancer, a taxim is a lovely piece of music performed by one instrument (or one instrument plus a drum).  But not to a Tribal dancer!  A taxim is what everyone else would call a vertical down-to-up figure-8 with the hips, or a reverse maya.  Strange.  Today, we’re going to talk about the hip movement.

Beginner:  If your teacher has not yet taught you this movement, do not despair!  The taxim is (usually) more challenging than the maya, so you might not get this one at this level.  But if you’re up for the challenge, ask your teacher to show you how to safely perform this movement.  Take it slow, and don’t worry about making it big yet.  Like the maya, this movement can be injurious to the back if done incorrectly, so go slow and go small.  Practice it every day for a full song!  Yes, one movement, one song.  Sound boring?  Good!  Don’t let your attention wander, or you’ll find your movements get sloppy.  Remember to keep those heels on the ground, and if you feel any pain in your lower back, stop, and have your teacher reassess your posture.

Intermediate: Like the maya challenge, see if you can walk with a taxim.  Feel weird?  What can you do to make it look nice?  Can you shimmy with it?  Try a walk or a shimmy with your taxims this week, and practice for a full song!  Mind your arms and hands while concentrating.  Taxims are also prone to this problem so make sure you keep your shoulders and chest still when your movements start to get a little larger.

Advanced:  What can YOU do with your taxims?  Shimmy, walk, and taxim all at the same time!  Like the maya, you can create an X-taxim.  Just remember to keep it looking nice without throwing shoulders and chests and the kitchen sink in with the movement.  What else can you do with the taxim?  Experiment with level changes, walking, shimmying, and whatever else you can think of this week.  Stretch out and have fun!

Happy dancing!