Weekly Challenges Return!

After a long hiatus for NaNoWriMo and the big move to Chicago, the Weekly Challenges have returned! Are you ready to get back to challenging yourself every week?

A refresher: these challenges are designed to be done EVERY DAY. A week is not enough time to master the skills that I am challenging you with, but it does give you a chance to work on things you may not normally drill or practice. It gives you a taste of all the different things in the world of belly dance! It also gets you used to practicing every day. To improve your dance, you MUST practice every day (or at least most days of the week). Going to a workshop once or twice a year does not cut it. Not even once a month is enough. Every. Day.

So here’s the challenge!

Back to basics

What was the first move you learned? Don’t remember? That’s okay, but think back to your earliest days of belly dance. What moves did you practice all the time? Did you have a move that absolutely drove you crazy because you couldn’t do it? And how often do you practice that move now? Not that often? You got it down, right, so no need to practice it now, right?

Your challenge this week is to pick one of the most basic moves you know, either the very first one you learned, or something equally as basic. A hip on the up, or maybe shoulder shimmies. Now practice it.

Wait. This is supposed to be a challenge, right? Doing basic drills isn’t challenging, right? Wrong. Take a look in the mirror and see how that move looks. Has it gotten sloppy? Are you cutting your mayas off halfway? Do you find your mind going, “Yeah, we got this. Next!” Then you haven’t been practicing this move enough! The challenge is to get that basic move back up to scratch and drill it for one song every day. No more sloppy figure 8s. No more lazy shoulder shimmies! Watch your form carefully and make sure you are doing exactly what your instructor told you to do (and here’s something even more basic–check your posture and arms while you drill).

I bet you that you can definitely find room for improvement in any move you can do, even the most basic ones. Even advanced dancers need to practice the absolute basics often. Get back to those basics!

Happy dancing!


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About Kamrah

Kamrah is a belly dancer in Chicago, IL. They started belly dance as an exercise routine but it turned into a passion for dance that has not lessened, even after more than a decade. They have a powerful presence on the stage, and is particularly known for their amazing shimmies. Kamrah is also known as a very versatile belly dancer, and audiences have come to expect the unexpected from them. Performances can be anything from traditional Egyptian, to tribal fusion, to fantasy cosplay (costume play) pieces.

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